Eliz Keto Diet Reviews: Weight Loss Diet Pills Formula Price for Sale

At the stated dosage, the results indicated remarkable weight loss among subject rats without any significant changes in clinical health parameters. The results showed statistically significant decrease in overall cholesterol levels compared with the control group.

This randomized clinical test conducted over 4 weeks involved 150 obese patients segregated into treated and placebo control groups. The treated groups were administered with 55 mg of Eliz Keto Diet extract, 240 mg of chitosan, and 19 mg of chrome 19 mg, coupled with a weight reduction regimen.

Outcome: The results of the trial showed that the treated group administered with the Eliz Keto Diet diet supplement exhibited statistically significant dose-related decrease in LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, overall weight and an improvement in HDL cholesterol over the groups.

This randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial involved 40 patients over an 8-week period. The treated group was administered with 500 mg of the HCA while the other group was treated with placebo.

Outcome: Patients treated with the extract exhibited statistically higher weight losses and improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels than those in the placebo group.

Eliz Keto Diet side effects

I have seen many dieters suffer nausea, heart palpitations, heightened nervousness, low energy levels, sleep dysfunctions and stomach cramps from using popular names in weight loss dietary supplements. These unwanted side effects can be attributed to such active ingredients as caffeine, ephedra or phenylpropanolamine which can adversely impact on the central nervous system. In contrast, my observation with dieters taking Eliz Keto Diet supplements is that they suffer no unwanted side effects at dosages recommended in the labels. This confirms what most literatures on the extract have pointed out as well as several studies evaluating its potential toxicity as a weight loss diet supplement. Here are summaries of a couple of the studies proving its safety:

This 2002 lab study on Albino mice explored (a) HCA safety in vivo, and (2) effects of serotonin 5-HT uptake in brain cortex in vitro. HCA safety was assessed via primary dermal and eye irritation tests at various HCA doses.

This 2012 study reviewed various published lab reports on the efficacy and safety of HCA extract in various dosages. While most of the reviewed materials showed minimal reduction in overall weight with no toxicity when supplements used was formulated only with pure HCA extracts, other studies showed potential toxicity that led to spermatogenesis when the supplements used had polyherbal formulation with HCA as just among the active ingredients.

Outcome: HCA appears to be safe under recommended dosing. However, diet supplements that led to some adverse effects have polyherbal formulation where any active herbal content other than HCA might have caused the reported side effect.


(1) I strongly advise patients being treated for diabetes to consult with their doctors before taking Eliz Keto Diet extracts. HCA can reduce blood sugar levels which could worsen their diabetic condition.

(2) People with allergies to HCA may not be aware of it until they start taking the supplement. The usual symptoms of allergy are skin itching, rashes, swelling of the mouth, stomach pain, breathing difficulties and headache. If you develop any of these, stop using the supplement and seek medical attention immediately.

(3) I am not aware of any clinical study indicating that HCA is safe for children under the age of 12, or for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. I would suggest these group of people consult with their doctors before attempting to use Eliz Keto Diet extract.

(4) While there are no medical studies on the interaction of Eliz Keto Diet extract with other medication, consult with your doctor before taking any diet supplement if you are under prescriptive medication in treating some health problems.

When to take Eliz Keto Diet

Eliz Keto Diet diet supplements are great when taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes to an hour before each meal. My experience with some of brands confirmed that its appetite inhibiting ability starts to work during this period and you tend to consume less food portions during the meal than you would otherwise do. I was once invited to a party where I know food would be served without limit and I could be indulging myself without control. I took the supplement before getting to the party and I was able to go home without penalizing my waistline. I also recommend not to take the supplement while eating. You could dilute the pharmacological potency of the Eliz Keto Diet extract if it interacts with the food or drink you are taking.

Where to buy Eliz Keto Diet diet supplements

After Dr. Oz featured Eliz Keto Diet as the Holy Grail in weight loss, just about all health stores online and off started marketing several brands with pure extracts of HCA. A quick check online, particularly at Amazon, clearly makes the Eliz Keto Diet diet supplement readily available to everyone. Don’t worry about FDA approval as diets supplements don’t get such approvals. In addition, your corner drugstore, health food stores in the mall and supermarkets carry a line of Eliz Keto Diet products on their shelves.

What to look for when buying Eliz Keto Diet?

Before making your purchase for over-the-counter supplements like Eliz Keto Diet, consider the following:

(1) Check the label and make sure it says “Concentrated” or “Pure” Eliz Keto Diet Extract which should contain no less than 50% HCA every 1,000 mg of GCE per capsule or tablet. Lower formulation may be cheaper but this defeats the price advantage when you have to consume more to get the promised weight loss benefits.

(2) Just like any diet supplement, there are brands that are truthful to what it says in the ads and there are those with dubious HCA content that may amount to no more than mere placebos. To be sure, get only the supplements manufactured by reputable and noted pharmaceutical companies with facilities approved by the FDA

(3) Check the ingredient list to be sure that there are few fillers in the Eliz Keto Diet formulation. Potassium and Calcium salts have been known to enhance the absorption of HCA into the digestive tract and having them on the formulation can make the supplement more effective.


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