Gerard If it can, you can too!

When Gerard found out he was against diabetes and had to he was ready with high cholesterol. He decided in April it to change course. Now, eight months later, he is no less than 23.5 kilos lost! Here is his story:

carb food

Gerard weighed 135.7 when he began healthier lives. He chose to lose weight through a low-carb diet .

He came through internet contact Jasperalblas.nl and ordered the 7 × 7 recipe . He went to a dietician who supported him in his trial.

“I struggled with many things regarding food in the beginning. It was not easy because all I desire. I loved immensely example of white chocolate. Now I take the highest in dark chocolate. First I took a whole bar and now only a small block. ”

biggest changes

Gerard experienced many positive changes in his life since he eats healthy.

“The biggest change surely is that sugar has dropped. Which is now under the proper boundary. My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol levels also went down. I do not feel so tired, move more and feel fine! ”

Slimming tip of Gerard

The tip that Gerard has other dropouts is the following:

“You really if you want to show strong will and have perseverance. Anyone can. Go to www.JasperAlblas.nl or switch to a dietician who helps you on your way. Live consciously and feel healthy. You can also. ”

Gerard still want to lose at least 12.2 kg and was therefore below 100 kilograms. His target weight is 95 kilos and he goes for it.

Editors Jasperalblas.nl: “Very well done Gerard. Congratulations on this great result. Keep it then you will surely be 100 in 2017. Good luck and keep us posted! “

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