Marjan If it can, you can too!

Marjan has lost 13 kilos. From 96 kilos to 83 kilos she went. She also stopped smoking and this is her only a way station.

Quit smoking or lose weight?

“I was getting heavier and therefore was not so good in my skin. I thought it was not good to see myself in the mirror.

Simultaneously wanted my husband and I quit smoking, but I was afraid to be even heavier, and that would mean that I can about the 100 kilos went. Even my husband was shocked when he stood on the scales. He was in fact already well over 100 kilos.

This was in early 2016 and we both realized that we had to do something. Or we would stop smoking or not. ”

Jasper Alblas on TV

Marjan saw advertising www.jasperalblas.nl on Discovery Channel and asked her husband directly to the 7 × 7 recipe order. Her husband had not really feel, because he does not like a lot of things. But she was convinced that something had to happen.

“I have consulted many books but were books with lots of text and few recipes.
We are real people with the best, like: going to eat this, this need you have and how you make it. ”

By week schedule which is exactly what you should eat they manage to get together to work. Later they also ordered the 7 × 7 recipes first album for more variety and Smoothie Weight Loss Plan.

the overtredingsdag

Of course not lose weight was always spotless. It is after all a process.

“The first three weeks we have lived strictly by the book. We fell immediately and our hard work was thus rewarded. But we also have missed some foods. We realized that we would sin occasionally because sometimes we would not hold full otherwise. We then one time in the week to insert a overtredings day.

Alone or with a middle say. An example: When we went to the cafeteria we always took a large fries with everything included at least three snacks. Per person! Now that’s a fries with one snack. So still tasty but enjoy in moderation J. ”

The first few weeks went there 2 to 3 kilos and that it was less from the moment they inlasten the overtredings day. It was one-half to one kilo per week, but it went off. Marjan and her husband worked fine this way.

Healthy food does more than just losing weight

“We have become much more aware of what we actually eat. We are really better for the label to look.

Outside the overtredingsdag we eat anything with additives. The good thing is that my husband seems to like to drink much more than he actually did! Because we now have, we are again going to separate everything better more vegetable and fruit waste. So we become more environmentally aware. ”

So there you have it healthier food on several cases may have a positive impact. And not only Marjan and her husband were environmentally conscious …

Stopped smoking

Smoking also did not fit into the sound picture.

“We had an agreement to stop smoking in 2017, but because we were so busy with our health, we still have got the idea to retire early.”

Now they have stopped more than two months. Without something, no pills, sprays or patches gently. By weight they have recovered a bit.

“With the holidays, we just pay attention nowhere and I’m three kilos and my husband unfortunately almost 6 kilos. We hate it quite a bit but those kilos off going there again. ”

Marjan and her husband are now back to work hard to further slim down through the New Year Challenge. They go for it to get away from that weight again. There are already two from, so 1 and Marjan is back at the same weight as when they stopped smoking 83 kilos. And there’s more on the schedule for 2017. Marjan is her goal to weigh between 70 and 75 kilos.

Tips from Marjan

Marjan has a good tip for anyone who want to lose weight :

“I am convinced that if you really want something, it can. But it is easiest to do it alone. I am fortunate that I can do it with my husband. My advice would be: find someone to do it together with. It’s more fun and easier.

Also helps Jasper’s Facebook page very well. But if you are home alone stands it might be a tip to one once a week with a group of physically speaking somewhere off to share your experiences. ”

Thus, Mary.


Editors JasperAlblas.nl: “Congratulations on this great result Marjan, stop smoking and lose weight at the same time is not something that testified to the strength of iron discipline and perseverance. Keep it up, then get you and your husband saying to your target weight. Good luck and let us know if your goals have been achieved! “

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