"> Eating while losing weight? You can with these 8 tips

Eating while losing weight? You can with these 8 tips

Would you eat during weight loss, but you’re afraid that you have to deviate from your schedule and you must resist various temptations? Fortunately, that is not necessary.

Apply these 8 tips and you will see that you can just keep losing weight while enjoying a dinner out.

Tip 1: Find yourself a suitable restaurant

There are many different restaurants and not all have a menu of healthy dishes on it.

Search and book therefore make a suitable restaurant. So you keep control. Also prevents any of your table reservations at a restaurant for example, you can only eat unlimited spareribs with fries.

Have you found a nice restaurant? Please check the website for the menu. You can also make a phone call to ask if they can take into account your dietary needs. So you create for yourself the ability to make the best choices.

An a la carte restaurant is quite nice, because then you can put together a meal.

Tip 2: Share your desires

Do not be afraid to express your wishes to the ministry. Need example, replace a smaller portion, or the fries for a salad? You can specify with confidence.

You’re a paying guest in the restaurant, so you can expect that the ministry is open to minor changes.

I almost always replace the chips or potatoes for wok vegetables. If the restaurant does not offer wok vegetables than I replace it frequently for a salad.

Order your food the way first. Or you’ll not be tempted to let your choice be influenced by the choices of others.

Tip 3: Avoid these foods

Many restaurants serve food with fast carbohydrates , such as potatoes, rice, chips, bread, pasta and sweets.

Fast carbohydrates are fattening. But if you handle you can avoid these foods easily the following four recommendations:

  1. Order before bread. And save a bread basket off as friendly operation offering standard.
  2. Replace rice, pasta or potatoes with an extra portion of vegetables or salad. It’s really no problem to express this kind wishes.
  3. Choose soup, salad or meat, fish or egg dish with vegetables.
  4. Do not take a dessert after meals, but choose a nice cup (black) tea or coffee.

To know exactly what you can and can not eat if you want to lose weight (at home or in a restaurant) I Jaspers list compiled.

Tip 4: Do not go hungry to the restaurant

With an empty stomach, it is difficult to resist temptation. So eat an hour to half an hour before you leave already something small.

A little vegetable instance as raw vegetables, carrots, tomatoes or a piece of cucumber. You can also eat well a handful of nuts or a boiled egg.

If you eat beforehand what you have more willpower to resist the tempting bread basket and make a good choice of menu.

Tip 5: Do not drink while eating

For many people, eating in a restaurant holding hands with drink beverages. And I mean not only drinking alcohol . Also, soda or water.

That is of course very nice, but if you want to lose weight you can drink anything better while eating. And especially alcohol. It’s like this.

After drinking an alcoholic beverage, your body is busy processing the alcohol.

This body does not have time to process all the food. Almost everything you eat while drinking alcohol is therefore immediately converted into body fat.

Losing weight and alcohol do not together. If you sit at your goal weight, you may well be drinking an alcoholic beverage. But still apply: do not drink while eating.

Alcohol, but also all other drinks, still have an adverse effect. They affect the acidity of the stomach and thereby become unbalanced.

This makes your stomach less able to extract nutrients from the food.

My advice is to drink beforehand (sparkling) water, possibly with a slice of lemon and possibly afterwards a cup of tea or (black) coffee. Do not drink while eating.

By drinking in advance you will have less hunger while ordering.

Tip 6: Do not take too many courses

In a restaurant, it is tempting to try different dishes. Therefore, it is customary to include a starter, main course and dessert.

But with so much food you become easily packed and that’s not good for your digestion. Let alone the waste process.

therefore only choose a main course and order up a small appetizer before.

Tip 7: Stop in time to eat

An unhealthy habit in restaurants is that all plates and bowls to empty. But that is not necessary.

Do you find it difficult to feel when you are full? Then put down your cutlery as often. So give yourself time to chew better and quieter dining.

In this way the body gets more time to digest the food and thus feel much better when you are full. Moreover, you can enjoy more of the food.

Stop when you are full and ask the operator if you can take the leftovers; if it is not thrown away.

Tip 8: Let the sauce served separately

This is a very simple but effective tip. In most sauces and dressings These are unhealthy ingredients as much sugar.

If you serve the sauce separately late, you can choose how you take it.

If it goes wrong again

It may well be times when you walk or dinner otherwise you once errs. It happens to all of us.

There is nothing to worry if you are indeed a time to eat bread or drink a glass of wine at dinner.

Do not panic if that happens, but especially remember these two things:

  1. Make sure it does not happen too often. Keep it real with occasionally. Once a week is too much.
  2. Unpack once the thread. The whole process of waste is not immediately failed after eating that sandwich and drinking a glass of wine. Do not wait until the next day, but eat the next meal immediately completely healthy.

If you do these two directives, nothing is going to follow.

So just go out for dinner

It is true that healthy eating and weight loss will most easily when you get home. In your own home you have control over the messages and you can prepare proper meals.

But that absolutely does not mean that you can never eat while losing weight.

If you apply the above suggestions, I’m sure you can enjoy dinners out, without fear that fails the waste process.

If you consciously choose to change your diet, you can always and everywhere eat healthy and lose weight.

Do you find it difficult to do outdoors to follow your waste plan? Then the e-book “Lose Weight in Difficult Situations” might be something for you. You can find it in the Weight Loss Starter Pack .

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