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So work really good intentions

We do (fortunately) all of them: good intentions. January feels like a new start. We have hope that things can change and that we can achieve anything we want.

But you probably have, like many of us, all experienced that intentions often (unfortunately) are temporary.

This article shows you how you can ensure that this year’s resolutions or strokes.

Research on good intentions

“The ING Economic Bureau” has investigated those ” lose weight ” as good intentions had given.

This study shows that these people 95 percent is already very quickly back into old habits and falls back to the old weight. In some cases, people weighed even more than on January 1 after a few months!

Prior to the challenge just 78 percent of the people that this time it would really happen to lose a few kilos. But the results being different.

The first week of January are traditionally all gyms and yoga classes crowded and everyone is on a diet. But this courage usually lasts only a week. Then all good intentions disappear like snow in the sun.

We namely massive fall back into old habits and feel, especially the feeling of failure. People feel bad because they have failed.

Although losing weight immediately after the New Year often “failed”, the number of people increases the attempts almost every year.

And unfortunately that’s not the only number that is rising. The number of overweight people is also increasing year after year.

Time that we do something about!

What is wrong?

A new study from the University of Chicago and the Korean Business School shows that the establishment of good intentions has several advantages.

Good intentions to boost achievement motivation and give you positive energy to your goal.

But good intentions have a big disadvantage: if you focus on the end goal you underestimate the energy it takes to get there.

In other words, if you do not see immediate results (the first week), you become quickly discouraged and have to stop you much more likely.

People who have not already seen noticeable results the first week (the vast majority), quit after the first week and will never reach the goal (a lean and healthy body).

One in eight people who lose weight and have good intention, also is actually down. Or are you one of those eight will depend on motivation and willpower.

Motivation and willpower

It’s easy to say you want to lose weight . But you want this really deep inside, if you say it just?

To really achieve your goal, your motivation is very important. You need something to really, really feel that you are ready for change.

Are you ready to really reach your ideal weight this year?

Then we do it again this time different.

three steps

The following steps will ensure that you are indeed going to lose this year.

1. Make your health and the goal is not weight loss.

Losing weight may sound to most people as something negative. And a negative association is so not nice to lose weight ‘to have as good intentions.

Losing weight is associated with hungry, dabbling in the gym, nippy and can eat anything.

In such a way to lose weight is not fun. And with such an approach is even harmful to your health.

Your body gets confused, your metabolism goes into power saving mode, you get a deficiency of important nutrients and eventually you’ll only get fatter and unhappier. That is not the intention.

Do therefore different this time. Choose not lose as good intentions, but do “I want a healthy and strong body” of. Define a goal or outcome that is much better than your current situation.

Have in mind why you want to change so much. Losing weight is not the goal.

I’ll introduce you to your goal, and then formulate your intention is: to feel fitter, more energetic and happier in your own body.

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2. Focus on changing habits

The habits you have, determine to a large part of your life.

If you have healthy habits, you probably have a healthy life. If you have unhealthy habits have, you probably have an unhealthy life.

By focusing in the new year on creating healthy habits (and removing unhealthy habits) you automatically create a healthy life.

If you know your unhealthy habits replaces healthy habits, your weight loss an automatic consequence and you keep your ideal weight.

To replace unhealthy habits with healthy motivation and willpower.

If once the habit has become a real habit, it takes no more motivation and willpower. Therefore, make sure that you put all your motivation and willpower to create new habits.

Here you how you can do that.

To do this efficiently, it is important that you not multiple habits, but focuses on one habit at a time.

Stop eating sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats and more exercise are examples of habits that you can teach yourself and that will take you almost automatically to your goal.

Write for yourself: Which healthy habit you want?

  • What is my goal?
  • What habit has the greatest impact to reach my goal?
  • Write the new practice on a note and hang it somewhere where you come across every day and read it every day (out loud).

Then make sure you give yourself enough time to learn the habit.

Research from the University of London has shown that it takes at least 66 days to change a habit.

In order to succeed and really implement, you can take the best over time. I advise you to take ninety days to change a habit and to work on autopilot.

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There will be times that you will have a difficult, but do not give up. Resistance is a sign that something is changing. You have to get through this. It goes well once with ups and downs.

Let this not always stop to continue. Persevere. Always go through with your plan.

Do this really ninety days without exception. And realize that it is a path that you walk.

There obstacles will come and go and it may be that it sometimes goes wrong one day, but if you keep on your path, it will be fine.

It’s all about focusing on your willpower. Challenge yourself, have discipline and take time.

After 66 days, you do not think more about it and it has become a new habit. It takes no effort.

This way you can learn four good healthy habits in 2017.

If you choose the right new habits, you can in one year of unhealthy living a healthy life and create a healthy body.

3. Suggestions

Some of my suggestions for 2017:

1. Start first quarter of 2017 with a healthy breakfast . Do this ninety days without exception. It will cost you then no effort. Choose and vary with the following sound options:

Green smoothie, omelet with vegetables, gluten-free oatmeal with fruit, or cottage cheese with nuts and seeds.

You will find that you get more energy and that after a healthy breakfast is also easier for a healthy lunch to eat and evening meal. The 7 × 7 slimming recipes  help you do this.

2. After a healthy breakfast in one quarter, you focus in Q2 on drinking water . Stop drinking sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, yoghurt drinks and alcohol. Replace this with water, herbal teas, and a maximum of two cups (black) coffee per day.

Be creative and make water taste better by putting slices of lemon, cucumber or mint example to add.

By only drinking water, you get a lot less sugar and passes your skin glow.

3. Now you always healthy breakfast, drink mostly water. in Q3 Put move your focus on. Choose something that suits you and that you can do to move more.

This can be every day by bike to work, take the stairs every day, but this can also be a day walk for half an hour, or for example three times per week training. Do it for three months every week three times and never district from here.

Make at least for at least half an hour of exercise a day.

4. Your habits now include healthy breakfast, drinking water and adequate exercise. Focus on quarter in four do not eat sweets .

Candy ninety day. Get candy, cookies and other sweets from your home and care for substitute healthy snacks. For example, egg, fish, avocado, fruit, nuts and seeds.

You pull for sweets will decrease by the day, and will increase your energy level.

Of course, the above suggestions do not fit you. Then you have to definitely not do.

Go there just to sit and think about what the four key habits for you that you want to change in the new year.

It would be nice if you can achieve this the coming year?

Never forget that small steps can bring about big changes. Even though it seems at first maybe not.

By achieving small steps grows your confidence and you get more and more into the right rhythm. Will also fade the kilos.

Choose the custom that has the most impact for you to get close to your goal and go for it.

Ensure health 2017 Take center stage and make it a great year. Success!

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